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Our Furniture Portfolio

  • LHC

    Jonathan - 25-Aug-2015

    Furniture Used: AllSteel DNA
  • Jennings

    - 24-Aug-2015

    Furniture Includes: (Casegoods and seating)
  • Home Bank

    Jonathan B - 01-Sep-2014

    Furniture Used: Allsteel Terrace DNA, HON 94000 (Desk and Lateral File), (HON Hospitality - Break room), (Basyx - Task Seating)
  • St. Martin Bank

    Jonathan B - 26-Aug-2014

    Furniture Used: Hon Flock ( Waiting Area). This layout offers a modern look for waiting and collaborative areas.

  • Exploration Land Services

    Jonathan B - 20-Aug-2014

    Furniture Used: All Steel Terrace DNA. Though each office is separated by panels, the glass offers a sense of openness that allows for collaboration if necessary. Not to mention, it gives it a cool modern look!
  • Schumacher Group

    Jonathan B - 09-Jun-2014

    Schumacher Group converted several offices into 1 large space. They tore down walls and asked us to maximize that space. You will notice that with precise measurements we were able to fit this furniture snugly against the support poles inconveniently located in the middle of the room and right up to the walls. For some workstations, we actually had to cut the work surfaces to fit perfectly around the poles.
  • Forum Technologies

    Jonathan B - 04-Feb-2014

    Forum Technologies has build a large new facility, and of course, they needed furniture... so we provided the complete turn-key solution. The interesting thing about this particular install, is each department had specific needs. Some departments required seclusion and privacy.
  • Goodwill Industries of Acadiana

    Jonathan B - 01-Jan-2014

    When Goodwill Industries of Acadiana approached us, we had a solution. From concept to completion we provided a complete turnkey operation. Goodwill underwent major renovations to their corporate location and needed to maximize the work areas to accommodate a growing workforce. We measured the location and presented Goodwill with 2D and 3D options from which they selected the one that fit their need best.
  • More Projects from Our Partners

  • Aggreko

    by Acadiana Office Products

    Check out our latest project for Aggreko!
  • Common Office Spaces

    by General Office Supply

    Though we do handle large scale furniture projects, the ordinary office furniture job consists of filling offices with just a simple desk, desk and credenza (with or without hutch), "L" Desk, or "U" Desk. In addition, some customers will add seating and possibly file storage.
  • Healthcare Industry Installations

    by General Office Supply

    This blog will be feature recent installations made in healthcare environments. Some include back office installations as well as other areas commonly found in healthcare environments.
  • Perficient

    by Acadiana Office Products

    Check out our latest project for Perficient!
  • Sheriff's Office

    by General Office Supply

    This installation was for our local Sheriff's office. This furniture job consists of HON (Desk and Seating): Conference Seating (PillowSoft Series), Conference Table (Preside Series), Task Chairs (Ignition Series), Filing (HON), Panel System (AIS-Divi), Training Tables (Huddle Series), Hospitality (HON - Occasional Table / Olson Stack Chairs), HON Casegoods (10700 series -no pictures)
  • Southside High School

    by General Office Supply

    School is officially in session! General Office Supply had the privilege of furnishing Lafayette's newest school, Southside High School!
  • University of Louisiana

    by General Office Supply

    Over the years we have helped to provide furniture solutions for our local university, University of Louisiana in Lafayette La. Recently we did an install at the University of Louisiana for a training type scenario.
  • WHC

    by General Office Supply

    WHC recently renovated an old area of their building that was not being utilized and needed to create a functioning work area. So, we measured and presented a panel system layout that would give workers the privacy and functionality they needed.
  • Levingston Group

    by Lake Charles Office Supply

    Levingston Group has been a customer for several years. They built a new building and needed to maximize the space for a growing business. Years ago we installed sixteen cubicles and with this new building they wanted the same panel fabrics, surface colors and paints. We had to disassemble those sixteen cubes, move them, and then reassemble at the new location. From there we added more to equal forty seven cubicles within this one system. The new panels and previously used panels matched perfectly. In addition, we installed office casegoods and seating as well.